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We bridge the gap between sustainability & accountancy

Our software makes sustainability accountable. With the power of data and technology, we  help the world in moving forward in the right direction.

CSRD - corporate sustainability reporting directive - Ecocharting Software
Green forward - Ecocharting

Our mission.

Based on our background in Data consultancy,

we recognized that the level of data-driven maturity is low in the area of sustainability in most organizations. Whereas innovation in primary processes often has the main focus, secundary and facilitary processes often are held back in development.  This is also the case in the domain of data & sustainability. It is increasingly important to make sustainability accountable, by determining an impact or identifying an optimization. 
However, sustainability data is often trapped in seperate spreadsheets or is not available at all. 

Joris de Bruijn

Joris de Bruijn

Founder & business developer

“It is our goal to help organizations to make sustainability accountable, and to show what really matters most. We aim to accelerate sustainable development with our tools.”

Ecocharting Mission

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