Your roadmap to sustainability. 

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Your roadmap to sustainability

Start your CSRD-compliance journey with Ecocharting. 

CSRD Software bepaalt ESG dubbele materialiteit voor duurzaamheidsrapportage - Ecocharting

Intuitive software to guide CSRD preparations.

Ecocharting - CSRD Software

Take your writing to the next level

See how easy it can be to write amazing content.

Boost your CSRD preparations with Ecocharting

Our user-friendly interface with pre-installed CSRD toolboxes allow for easy and intuitive collaboration and reporting. 

How our CSRD platform works

Turbo-charge your CSRD reporting.

CSRD Dubbele materialiteitsmatrix - Ecocharting

Evaluate all CSRD sustainability topics for materiality. This according to the method of double materiality as proposed in the CSRD.

Collect & Measure

Use our automatic integration or provide data to your report to monitor relevant KPIs for your organisation.


Prepare your digitally tagged sustainability report (audit proof) and integrate this in your companies annual report.

CSRD Dubbele materialiteitsmatrix - Ecocharting

Identify Material Topics

Based on the double materiality principle, instantly visualize material topics in an interactive materiality matrix.  

Collect & Measure



Collect policies on material topics.



Determine actions to drive results.


Metrics & Targets

Set targets on trackable metrics.

SME Essentials

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Ignite & Identify

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Collect & Connect

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Frequently asked questions

Get informed on CSRD and our intuitive software. 

What is the CSRD?

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is legislation that demands large businesses to disclose non-financial information. Depending on criteria, firms shall start reporting from 2024 onwards. Read more about the CSRD

How can we start?

To initiate your CSRD preparations, begin with a double materiality assessment on the topics Environment, Social and Governance. In this way, you learn which data should be included in your report. Use Ecocharting to perform the materiality assessment easily. 

What is double materiality?

Double materiality is a central concept in the CSRD. Firms should assess the relevance of topics to their business from two perspectives, namely the inside-out and outside-in perspective. Hence, the name double materiality. Ecocharting software fully embraces this concept. 

When should we begin?

The general advice is to start preparations no later than 2023. The CSRD consists of hundreds of pages full of disclosure requirements and datapoints to be included in the sustainability report. Save time by using Ecocharting software to guide your preparations.

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